Alternatives to Microsoft Windows

There Is a Better Way!

Is your computer several years old? Do you find yourself lost at times in Windows? Do you have problems with viruses and malware? Are you sick of how your computer mysteriously gets slower and slower, and can only be fixed by spending a day re-installing Windows? Are you dreading the inevitable upgrade of Windows, which will probably require you to purchase a newer, faster computer (and even if it doesn’t, you’ll still have to spend a significant chunk of change on a new version of Windows)? Linux may be right for you!

Just What Is This “Linux?”

Linux is another operating system for your computer. An operating system is a special kind of computer software that sits between your computer’s hardware and the application software you run; it manages how your applications use your computer’s hardware. Both Linux and Microsoft Windows are operating systems.

Linux has traditionally been a server operating system. Major corporations like Google, Facebook, and Twitter all use Linux on their servers. As such, you’ve been using Linux already without even realizing it! But until fairly recently, Linux was severely lacking in desktop applications. That’s now starting to change, and this makes Linux a viable option for many home computers.

What Are the Advantages of Linux?

Linux is Immune to Most Viruses

Part of this is because Linux was deliberately written to be more robust and secure than Windows, and part of this is simply because over 87% of the world’s computers run Windows. If you’re a bad guy out to do evil by writing a virus, you want your virus to spread as far as possible and do as much harm as possible. Naturally, you’re going to make your virus target the operating system that nearly 90% of the world’s computers run. You’re going to make your virus target Windows.

Linux is Fast and Efficient

Linux can easily run, and run with acceptable performance, on many computers that are too old and slow to run Windows. If you’ve been dreading the expense of replacing your current PC because it’s running too slow, Linux may be right for you.

Linux is Free

Linux is free software developed over the past 20 years by the efforts of thousands of volunteers. The cost of acquiring a Linux upgrade is zero.

Linux Can Be Easier to Use than Windows

Linux Mint, for example, was designed specifically to be easy for users of Windows to learn to use. Linux is also more responsive to user input, so you don’t have to worry if that mouse click has registered and your computer is just being slow, or if it didn’t register and you have to click again.

Windows Has Its Purpose!

Don’t get me wrong here: Microsoft Windows has its purpose. Love it or hate it, no operating system runs nearly as much software as Windows. If you need to run a specialized program or three, chances are Linux probably isn’t right for you.

However, if all you do with your computer is get on the Web, read and send email, download and share digital photos, and sometimes type and print out a document or two, Linux can do all you need. In fact, Linux can probably do a better job for you than Windows in this case.

Windows can run a lot of applications, but it’s not an easy operating system to use or to keep running well. Windows works best for businesses that have a dedicated information technology budget and which can afford to have a support staff on call. It is not so well-suited for home users with limited computing needs and limited financial resources.

Going Further

If, after reading this, Linux sounds like it might be something useful for you, do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to help you determine if Linux is right for you, give you a chance to try using Linux Mint, and (if you decide to proceed) help you transition from Windows to Linux.