Seniors and Technology

The Stereotypes Are Wrong

Senior citizens have a reputation for being uniquely unsophisticated when it comes to technology. It is my contention that this is incorrect.

Life Experience Matters

Yes, senior citizens might not in general be enthusiastic adopters of the latest new technological wonders in the same way that Millennials and Generation X are. But true technological sophistication is not about simply being an early adopter; it is about the knowledge of the role technology has to play in our lives, and the knowledge that more is not necessarily better.

When it comes to this sort of knowledge, seniors are far and away more technologically sophisticated than younger people. People who already have rich lives without a lot of technology, and who are skeptical about the value of technology in making their lives better, are much more likely to end up having a healthy relationship with technology than those who enthusiastically and mindlessly embrace every last new thing, just because it’s trendy.

I Will Listen to You

It is my belief that much of the so-called “technology coaching” for seniors tends to ignore these factors in favor of a “Get with the program, gramps (or granny)!” attitude. This is not what you will get from me! As I mention in my education page, a key part of the process is my need to understand what you need and want from a certain technology (as well as what you do not need or want). Only once we do that, is it appropriate to move on to the rest of the process of tutoring or consulting.

Interested in Going Further?

If this sounds like the sort of technology help you need, I encourage you to contact me.