Making Technology Appropriate

“Can” Does Not Mean “Should”

Just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should be done. This is a philosophy that has guided my life when it comes to technology, and I’d like to share the fruits of that wisdom with others.

I Have Experience

This doesn’t mean that I’m anti-technology in all aspects! Quite the contrary: I have over two decades experience working as a computer professional (first as a systems administrator. then as a programmer), and one of my hobbies is radio and electronics.

The Key Is to Be Thoughtful

Sometimes technology can make our lives better and eliminate drudgery. And sometimes it can simply add complexity and reduce reliability. The key is to be thoughtful in our use of technology, and only use a given technology where it makes sense.


“Making technology appropriate” is something of a clumsy phrase, but it encapsulates in as few words as possible my business philosophy. Depending on the circumstances, it can mean a variety of things: