Technology Consulting

Personal Consulting

I already have a page devoted to how many home computer users can benefit from using Linux instead of windows on their home computers. And, of course, I am available to help with other sorts of computer issues as well. Maybe your grandchildren are bothering you to use Facebook or Twitter and you want to know more about what those are all about before you take the plunge.

But, it goes beyond just computers. Do you have a new “smart” thermostat or appliance that’s been troublesome to use? Is your “smart” phone endlessly interrupting you with meaningless trivial alerts? I can help!

Or, perhaps you’ve heard horror stories from your friends about “smart” appliances and other devices, and want help in suggesting ways to avoid needless complexity with your new purchase. I can help there, too.

My contact information is here.

Business to Business Consulting

This site is mostly geared my personal technology consulting services. I have a whole other site related to the B2B side of what I have to offer; if you are interested in that sort of consulting services, I encourage you to check it out.